We are Caleb and Alicia. The Sharps. The cool and crazy ones. Okay, maybe not so cool, but definitely crazy. We currently reside in the Bay area of California, but will soon become full-fledged Alaskans, which will be awesome! Caleb works in the pest control business and Alicia is a nanny. Not really what we want to be doing forever, but for now it works! We have been married since October of 2012, to ensure that we were married a couple of months before the world was supposed to end. Ya know, doing it right. But seriously, we have loved every moment of marriage and adventuring we have done together. And now, this fall we begin our next great adventure as being interns in India for 3 months and then moving to Alaska, which has been a dream forever! A little more about us...

loves Caleb. loves photography. loves to travel. loves ice cream. loves art and being creative. loves journaling. loves food. and ice cream. loves baking. loves anything vintage. loves Audrey Hepburn. loves kids. loves Alaska. loves nature. And most of all, loves the Lord with everything. 
loves Alicia. loves to work with his hands. loves to explore with Alicia. loves bike riding. loves building and destorying things and then fixing them again. loves to eat. loves food. especially meat. loves a good beer. loves singing and music. loves country music (but don't tell Alicia). loves God and I strive to be the husband and man he calls me to be. 
We both are excited for this next stage in life. And we are so excited we are doing this. Together.


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