Thank you for being interested in hearing about what we're doing and wanting to support us! We are so excited for the work the Lord has put before us and we will be even more excited once we are there. If you haven't gotten a support letter here are some general questions that can be answered. 

  • What are you doing?

We are taking an 11 week internship in India with an organization called Rahab's Rope to share the gospel with the people there and further develop their existing programs that help prevent women and children from entering the sex industry of India. We will also be providing leadership for short term teams and will being doing outreach to youth boys and men in community in hopes of developing programs for men.
  •  What does Rahab's Rope do?
The mission of Rahab's Rope is to give hope and opportunity to women and children that are at risk or have been forced into the sex industry of India. They provide care and a loving environment that enables the people they work with to grow physically and spiritually. They do this to see God's love in action and to spread the message of Jesus that can fully restore them. You can find more information about them here.
  •  Where are you going
We are going to be in Goa, India. Goa is located in west India on the coast and is a popular tourist destination. Because of this, human trafficking is prevalent within the area. Though Goa is India's smallest but richest state, it is not without poverty, which is why we work mainly in the slums of Goa, aiding women and children that are at risk of being trafficked. 
  • When are you going
Our official launch date is September 6th and we are back the week of Thanksgiving. We will be there for approximately 11 weeks, so a little under 3 months. 
  • Why are you going
 We are leaving our jobs, our cute little apartment, our families, our church and community, our friends, our life in California because we firmly believe this is where the Lord is leading us. This has been something I (Alicia) have been praying and dreaming about since leaving India the first time, and the Lord has been faithful in putting the same desire in Caleb's heart, after months of uncertainty and not feeling a lead in direction. We both feel very at peace and such a strong urge to be a part of this ministry and have full faith the Lord will provide our every need. All that being said, the big question...
  • How much is it to go?
We must raise $10,000 by the beginning of August in order to go. This seems like a lot, but this covers our airfare to India and back, insurance, lodging, food, transportation in India, any fees, and funds to go towards the ministry for the 11 weeks we are there. By going on a short term trip with Rahab's Rope, we need to be 100% fully supported 30 days before we launch.   
From hearing a little about what we're doing, we hope you guys are saying...
  • This sounds awesome. How can I support you guys
Thank you for wanting to support us! There are a few ways you can support us. 
The Old School way: You can make a check out to Rahab's Rope with our names in the memo and send the check to us at 1937 4th St. Apt 2 Livermore, CA 94550. This ensures 100% of your donation goes directly to supporting us (the other ways have processing fees, but here they are if you'd like them...) This is a tax-deductible donation.
The Fast and easy way: You can donate to us online a couple of different ways. 
  • You can go to the Rahab's Rope donate page and click on the donate button. On the drag down menu choose the Missions Trip option and then put Caleb and Alicia Sharp Goa Trip in the comments box. There is a 3% processing fee for credit card donations, but a smaller fee for electronic checks. This is a tax-deductible donation.
  •  You can donate to our youcaring page here. These funds would go directly to us, and we could keep track of our funds directly. We also will be able to update our fundraising progress through all the different ways we are fundraising with this site. Unfortunately, this is not tax-deductible. This also has a fee taken from your donation through WePay of 2.9% + .30 for credit cards or 1% +.30 if transfered from a bank account.
 Of course, we would love to be supported financially, but know not everyone can do that. More than anything, we need prayer! So please be praying for us! Thank you in advance for the support and prayers! We are so excited for this journey, and hope you are too. If you have any questions or encouragements, please leave a comment or e-mail us at!
April 22- We have reached our first goal of being 25% funded! Help us reach our next goal of being 50% funded by the beginning of summer!  
June 5 - There are many moments I have fought against fear and doubt this month. I have fought against worry and have tried to cling to the truth that no matter what, God is good. All of this is grace and the Lord does take care of His children despite their doubt. We are at 50% --it's not our timing, but His, for He is the one in control!
 June 17 - We are almost 70% funded! We are only a month and a half away from our deadline so instead of shooting for 75%, we are going for being fully funded! I cannot say thank you enough to all of you that have supported us so far! Only $3300 to go! 
July 2 - we are at 100%!! The Lord has given us so much grace and we even have time and funds to spare! Thank you so much for all of you that have gotten us here! We will be using any extra funds to fund our medications and vaccinations and to go to our ministry in India. Again, thank you!!   


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