Saturday, September 6, 2014

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We are on our way! Or rather have been on our way. We leave for India TODAY!!! It is so surreal and still doesn't  feel like reality. Caleb and I have been traveling for essentially the last month, but more seriously the last week. And it has been a whirlwind. 
Going from plane to train. Van to cab. Foot to subway. The only mode of transportation we didn't take was the bus! And everything has been quickly passing us by. We took advantage of our across the world travel and decided to have a long layover in Pennsylvania and New York City, and it's been exciting, but so tiring. All the traveling and walking is one thing, but adding all that extra stress to a marriage is another. So again I say, it's exciting, but yes, oh so tiring and HARD. I have learned more about my husband and us the last month and last week than I have ever. But I know God is using this time to refine us and sanctify us, which sanctification is always HARD. Married or not, it's hard. And even through those moments where we're both lost and confused and blisters are bursting and backs are aching, we know we need each other through this journey as we are living like veganonds. To see our weaknesses. To see in just what areas do we need to become more like Christ. To be reminded of the Gospel. That it's a hard, but a beautiful, exciting journey that only the Lord in His grace can get us through. 

And now, as we continue on this expedition. To India, the place we have been anticipating for the last 6 months. We know just how much we are NOT ready. But we also know and are so thankful that God does not call the equipped, but He equips the called. And we know, He will continue to continue to grow us in our marriage, grow us as individuals, and grow us closer to Him. It will be hard. But I know I can't wait to look back 3 months from now and see all the crazy adventures (and modes of transportation and stress) God has brought us through. 

Keep us in your prayers. And next time you hear from us we will finally be in INDIA!

Blessings from the Shrarps <3


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